Investing in a Healthy Tomorrow

As a fundamentally-driven investment manager, we focus on innovative and disruptive technologies, company life cycle changes, and structural shifts in the healthcare landscape.

Our Focus

We invest across all facets of the healthcare space. Our portfolio companies develop, produce, and commercialize innovative medical technology, diagnostics tests, genomics instruments, and bio-therapeutics.

Medical Technology

Innovative tools and devices improve patient outcomes and optimize surgery.

Genomics & Diagnostics

Sequencing DNA and RNA to better understand, treat and cure illnesses and disease.


Using biotech to create life altering therapies.


Driving efficiencies for patients and providers.

Our Approach

We aim to identify inflections in company-specific valuations and capitalize on structural changes across healthcare while taking advantage of all dislocations.

Focused on Fundamentals

We leverage the robust investment experience of our team to focus on uncovering value and identifying company-specific inflection points.

Robust Research Process

Our team of healthcare specialists leverages their advanced degrees in medicine, science and finance by performing exhaustive research and in-depth diligence on every position.

Differentiated Views

Our wide research net, in-depth analysis and creative thinking help us to formulate a differentiated view of company-specific valuations with a particular focus on under or overappreciated catalysts.

Long-term Thinkers

We are aligned with our investors and seek to generate significant alpha over the medium to long-term.

Utilizing Software and Technology

We utilize analytical tools to aggregate and evaluate a wide array of data and develop proprietary methods to recognize and understand patterns.

Contributing to our Community

Through volunteering, donations, and peer-to-peer fundraising, Pura Vida is dedicated to giving back to our community. We proudly display artwork in our office by students in arts programming in underserved NYC public schools, and regularly serve dinner to those experiencing homelessness. Pura Vida also works to close the preparation gap for highly motivated and talented students by providing internships and professional mentorship.

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