Beau Bassett

Beau is Head of Therapeutics at Pura Vida, where he leads idea generation for the therapeutics subsectors and works with Efrem Kamen on risk management decisions for the therapeutics subsectors. Prior to re-joining the firm in 2017, Beau was the Senior Analyst for the drug portfolio at Passaic, a healthcare dedicated pod at Millennium. On the drug team, he worked with two junior analysts and reported to the Portfolio Manager. He was responsible for idea generation and advising on trading strategies for all therapeutics names in the universe with the assistance of the junior analysts.

Prior to his time at Millennium, Beau was a Therapeutics Analyst at Pura Vida from January 2013 to May 2016. For the majority of this time, he was the only Therapeutics Analyst, and worked closely with the Portfolio Manager to generate ideas, establish the risk/reward and downside risk for names in the book. Prior to joining Pura Vida, Beau was an Equity Research Associate covering specialty pharmaceuticals at Cowen & Company. He received a B.A. from the University of Toronto with High Distinction.

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